“My mission is to provide balanced solutions to help you thrive with as little medication as possible.” – Dr. Guy Citrin

Many patients come in feeling over-prescribed and under-appreciated for their unique health concerns. The beauty of holistic medicine is that we combine various aspects of medicine together to take care of the whole person and not just their symptom(s).

My job is to give you the optimal treatment so that your body can do what it was naturally designed to: HEAL itself. 

Why limit yourself to conventional or holistic healthcare?

Our integrative practice takes the best from both worlds to allow for true healing.

We specialize in the following conditions with a high success rate:

Chronic Dis-ease

Chronic dis-ease is where our medicine truly thrives. By focusing on YOU and the ROOT CAUSE, we strive to provide you with the correct diagnosis and tools for treatment.


Assessing the real reason for fatigue (both adrenal and generalized) is crucial if you wish to overcome it. Various causes attribute to this, and with the correct solutions, you don’t have to be tired any longer!

Male Hormones

Low testosterone and other male hormone disruptions can be a significant hindrance to vitality! We specialize in therapy that will optimize your hormones and have you feeling your best!

Female Hormones

Women have a beautiful and intricate hormone design that can get out of balance. From PMS to Menopause, you never have to live with symptoms again. With the correct assessment, you can get your system back in order and feel great! 


The gut is the most vital component of our health, with proper assessment and correction vital to our wellbeing. We specialize in treating SIBO, IBS, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea and gut-related issues.

Adrenals & Thyroid

Thyroid disorders are very common and often undiagnosed. From autoimmune issues to Hashimoto’s, we specialize in optimizing your thyroid with natural bio-identical therapy (often with much better effects than synthetics alone). Adrenals also have a significant impact on your health.

Muscular Skeleton

Pain in the body is much like a child screaming to PLEASE fix the problem. With the correct holistic approach, pain can be a thing of the past!

Joint Pain

Joint pain as we age is the single leading cause of a sedentary lifestyle, but these conditions can often be healed. Arthritis, injury, tears and inflammation all lead to discomfort and pain. Surgery, cortisone shots, and pain relievers are not the only solutions and often do not treat the root cause.

Mental Health

Mental clarity and joy are achievable! Our natural approaches to emotional and mental therapies for stress, depression, and anxiety can help you overcome these unnatural states.


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Integrative Medicine

To promote healing, our philosophy is that of Integrative and Naturopathic Medicine: which is a system that combines conventional medicine with the modern application of natural therapies.


Regenerative Medicine: PRP & Prolotherapy

Regenerative procedures stimulate the body to build new tissue, healing broken-down or injured tissues from sports or arthritis.


Skin & Facial Rejuvenation

If you suffer from a chronic condition such as psoriasis or eczema, or are interested in Micro-needling (PRP) for fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and sunspots, our solutions can help you glow from the inside out.

Detox Programs

Toxin burden is real. Our detoxification programs rid your system of the chemicals from your food, water supply, and various components we are exposed to on a daily basis.

HCG & Medical Weight Loss

Optimize your weight-loss with VERY effective, time-proven solutions ranging from Intermittent Fasting to programs such as HCG. There is no reason to have excess weight any longer!

Hair Restoration

PRP hair rejuvenation has been proven effective in patients with androgenic alopecia where treatment with minoxidil and finasteride has failed.


Hormone Optimization

Optimal hormone levels are VITAL to your health. Thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones all contribute to your vitality and quality of life. Come learn of our many options to revitalize you.

Testing Services

For a deeper understanding of issues unique to your own health, we offer cutting-edge diagnostics as well as the best in anti-aging and prevention.

Vitamin Shots

Critical to daily function, our full variety of vitamin shots can boost your immunity, zen, energy levels and much more. These are generally painless with noticeable results almost immediately.

"Dr. Guy is literally saving out daughter's life. I would hand out an award if I could." - A.A.

“After years of fatigue and stomach pains, I finally did a full detox with Dr. Guy. The results were astonishing. I felt more energetic than ever and my sleep and mood improved!” - R.M

“I've tried so many diets over the years, constantly losing weight only to gain it all back again. The real magic with Dr. Guy came after the significant weight he helped me drop, training me on lifestyle modification in a way that stuck for good! Thank you Dr. Guy!” - R.H.

“I had hormone issues most of my adult life, but really noticed the worst towards the beginning of menopause. Unlike other doctors, Dr. Guy  showed me the exact hormonal issues I was experiencing and corrected them using bio-identical hormones and supplements. No more symptoms and feeling great!” - J.B

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