Jean-Marc Sobczyk, ND

Naturopathic Doctor located in Los Angeles, CA

About Dr. Sobczyk

Jean-Marc Sobczyk ND, MD (France)Integrative Medicine, Precision and Personalized Medicine

Jean-Marc Sobczyk is a California Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and a Medical Doctor, Board certified in France.

He is passionate about Genetics, Epigenetics, and Environmental Medicine. He applies his experience and knowledge to help patients of all ages, including children, improve, optimize their health, and achieve their potential.

Dr. Jean-Marc Sobczyk received his medical training at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona, one of the nation’s leading naturopathic medical schools, and his Medical Doctor: MD training at Universite Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, France, a prestigious medical school in France.

His office is located in West Hollywood, and he sees patients in person every Monday at his Beverly Hills Office. He is fluent in French and English. He practiced Family Medicine in France and England for more than 17 years, emphasizing Pediatrics and General Medicine.

He is a Naturopathic and Allopathic doctor passionate about disease prevention and health promotion. He is a truly integrative medicine doctor by his unique training blending his knowledge and experience of Western and Eastern medicine to offer the best care possible.

His clinical interests include SIBO and digestive health, Environmental Medicine, Treatment of Heavy Metals, Mold Toxicity, Preconception care, and optimal fertility. He is an expert in MTHFR and Nutrigenomics.

He evaluates how daily exposure to toxins from our environment and how our food sources and lifestyle may contribute to the expression of deficient genes leading to the development of many chronic diseases, cancers and may impact male and female fertility. He offers an in-depth analysis of your genetic mutations, including the MTHFR gene variants.

Through his career and training, he has expanded his belief that disease is a multifaceted expression of a person’s current state. Dr. Jean-Marc Sobczyk is dedicated to helping each of his patients find the root cause of their dis-ease.

He provides individualized care and brings unique skills and a different “flavor” from a European approach that offers a distinctive difference.

Dr. Jean-Marc Sobczyk’s treatment modalities include:
• Herbal medicine. • Supplements recommendation as needed. • Nutrition counseling. • Lifestyle modification following advanced analysis of your Genetic report. • Peptides and IV nutrients therapy.

He uses conventional labs and advanced lab testing (DUTCH test, OAT, Neurotransmitters testing, Advanced Hormone testing, Nutrition genome, and more).